I am a writer and director. I got my education at The Art Institute of Portland, and I have an associates degree from Los Angeles City College. If you need a visionary I am the man you are looking for.


1/06 – 2/06

Second Assistant Camera (Productions assistant in the art department.) The Disciple

Film (Theatrical) — Disciple Production, LLC Details
1/06 – 2/06

I started on this film as a production Assistant. After hearing what skills I had, I was moved into the 2nd AC position in a mater of days. This is where I stayed for the rest of the production.

3/04 – 9/05

Producer/Shooter (Editor, graphic designer) Under Construction

Live / Special Event (TV) — The Art Institute of Portland Details
3/04 – 9/05

I was on a team responsible for producing the school's annual fashion show. Not only did I help design the entire production. I was in charge of a crew of 5 shooters operating 3 static angles and 2 hand held shooters. I did all of the editing and promotion for the project.

11/04 – 11/04

Producer (Editor, and promotor) Trendsetter Underground Rock and Roll Swimwear and Fashion Show

Live / Special Event (TV) — PDX Fashion Incubator Details
11/04 – 11/04

My work for PDX Fashion Incubator involved overseeing the production of a promotional video for the Trendsetter Underground Rock and Roll Swimwear and Fashion Show. My duties included cinematography and editing of the final product. In addition, I was responsible for the music selection and licensing for the video.

6/03 – 8/04

Camera Operator (DIT, Still photographer) Time Based Art Festival

Live / Special Event (TV) — Portland Institute for the Contemporary Arts Details
6/03 – 8/04

I worked with the organization as a cinematographer and still photographer for their annual Time Based Art Festival. I was required to think quickly and have a thorough understanding of my photographic equipment in order to adjust skillfully to often difficult lighting situations.


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Class of '11

Los Angeles City College

AA degree in film, with an emphasis on writing and Directing.
Class of '06

The Art Institute of California - Los Angeles

Video Production
Class of '05

The Art Institute of Portland

Digital Media Production

My Gear

  • 2008 Kia Rio
  • PC Editing Station


  • Adobe CS6
  • Arri Lighting
  • Avid Express
  • Avid Pro
  • DAT recording
  • DigiBeta
  • Directing
  • DIT
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Microsoft Office
  • Premier Pro
  • ProTools
  • RED
  • Sound recording
  • Studio camera operator
  • Studio Directing
  • Vericam
  • Writing