I'm just a nerd that loves telling stories.


8/08 – 10/14

Executive Producer (Lead) Sky Line

Film (Theatrical) — Going Up! Films Details
8/08 – 10/14

As a hands-on executive producer, along with monetary support, I provided story insight as well as handling all logistical needs for a documentary production spanning six years through pre-production to post-production.

3/14 – 8/14

Director Campus Stories — Internet — AMS Pictures Details
3/14 – 8/14

Working with AMS Pictures, I was tasked with giving sixteen educator programs and five student profiles their own unique, compelling stories while making them informative for their respective audiences. I was responsible for pre-visualization, on-site directing, conducting interviews, writing paper edits, conceptualizing graphic treatments and crafting the stories through post-production.

8/12 – 9/13

Producer (Editorial and Video) News Corp Amplify Education — Internet — GMD Studios/Rooster NY Details
8/12 – 9/13

Pitched and developed articles, writers and documentary stories fitting the monthly editorial theme crafted by the editorial team.

6/13 – 8/13

Producer (and First Assistant Director) The Tic and The Toc

April/March — Music Video — Tarnation Films Details
6/13 – 8/13

Working with Director Jonathan Caouette, I coordinated logistics for cast and crew for a variety of large-scale set pieces as well as acting as the 1st AD creating call-sheets, shot lists and keeping shoot days running smoothly.

8/11 – 11/12

Story Producer Qualcomm Spark — Internet — GMD Studios/Cowboy Bear Ninja Details
8/11 – 11/12

Discovered talented individuals working in mobile technology and helped craft their stories through documentary videos. Working with the executive producer, I oversaw production logistics and the crafting of each stories narrative from discovery though final edits.

3/11 – 12/11

Associate Editor (Editorial) AMA: Shift

Internet — GMD Studios Details
3/11 – 12/11

Developed monthly editorial themes and pitched weekly and monthly articles around those themes. Coordinated and managed columnists and featured writers while keeping firm to the editorial timeline. Worked with the managing editor and staff to create daily rapid response pieces to major stories in business and management.

6/09 – 7/10

Producer Microsoft Because It's Everybody's Business

Internet — GMD Studios Details
6/09 – 7/10

Led a team of 50+ Microsoft evangelists to create weekly editorial content shaped by our global editorial calendar covering seven different product groups. Worked with various client stakeholders to determine rapid response stories reacting to daily news.

2/07 – 1/08

Associate Producer Ford: Drive One

Internet — GMD Studios Details
2/07 – 1/08

In 2008, Ford was looking to move beyond their Bold Moves campaign and show how they have improved their thinking to create innovative and industry-leading vehicles. As the Associate Producer, it was my responsibility to find the stories within their organization and highlight these individuals with the Drive One documentary series.


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Class of '02

Lon Morris College



  • Booking
  • Casting
  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Media
  • Documentaries
  • Entertainment
  • Film
  • Film Production
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Independent Film
  • Interviewing
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  • Story Producing
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