13 Signs You Work in the TV & Film Industry

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Production Manager - Problem Solver

What are the tell tale signs that you work in the TV & Film Industry?

The TV & Film Production industry is an amazing ride that can take you to some wild places.  Each day is different from the next, and the work is exciting, creative and the reason you shied away from those 9 to 5 jobs.  With the help of our Facebook followers, we have put together this one-of-a-kind list of tell-tale signs that you work in the one and only... Industry.


1) 7 AM Call Time is considered "Sleeping In"

Production Manager - Problem Solver

Silver linings, people.


2) You use "Stand By" and "Copy That" in your everyday life

Production Manager - Problem Solver

Learn it, love it, live it... literally.


3) You base your household light bulb purchases on color temperature

Production Manager - Problem Solver

I really want a daylight feel in the foyer...


4) You regularly walk around with Gaff Tape and C-47's attached to your clothing

Production Manager - Problem Solver

It's very fashionable in the G&E world.


5) Your fridge is empty and you have no clean underwear

Production Manager - Problem Solver

Just go commando, and if you can just make it until tomorrow's call time, there will probably be bagels!

6) People that wrap cables wrong irritate you

Production Manager - Problem Solver


7) When you can't watch a Movie or TV Show without finding lighting, editing or sound issues

Production Manager - Problem Solver

Continuity, continuity, continuity...


8) Your turn arounds are so short you can't get your phone fully charged

Production Manager - Problem Solver

If only!


9) You state "Striking" when turning on your kitchen light

Production Manager - Problem Solver

It's ok, your partner is used to it by now.


10) You can never get to a bank during business hours

Production Manager - Problem Solver

I guess this is where that 9 to 5 thing would come in handy.

11) You know where all the closest Starbucks are


Production Manager - Problem Solver

The crew's happiness is based on this knowledge.


12) Work, drink, sleep, repeat.

Production Manager - Problem Solver

Work hard, party harder.


13) You have no idea what day of the week it is


Production Manager - Problem Solver

It's shoot day 4 of 12.  Duh.

If you know of some more good signs that you work in the TV & Film Industry, feel free to comment below!

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