SETiquette: 7 Things Not to Do on Set

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The importance of Set Etiquette cannot be stressed enough!

The first day of any project is a clean slate for most people (unless you usually run with the same crew), so it's always a good idea to show caution.  We asked our Facebook fans to give us some pointers for Set Etiquette.  With their help, and a few tips of our own, we have compiled a short list of 7 Things Not to Do on Set.  Whether it is your first show, or you're a veteran of the industry, these tips might just keep you around for the next project:

1) Don't Unplug ANYTHING

Don't unplug on set

Especially if you don't know what you're unplugging.  Whether it's a 1K, a practical or the DP's cell phone charger, don't risk it!


2) Don't Ask the PM, PC or AD "When will we be done?"

Set Etiquette

Caution:  You won't like them when they're angry.  You're most likely the hundredth person to ask them this.  If you do, you might find your name mysteriously absent from tomorrow's call sheet.


3) Don't Tell the Animal Trainer, "My Dog can do that"

Set Etiquette - Dog

Let's be honest... no they can't.


4) Don't Walk Into the Shot. If you do, ACT NATURAL.

Set Etiquette

You could still save the shot...


5) Don't Drink the Last Diet Coke

Diet Coke on Set

If you see one last Diet Coke on set, you better find something else to drink unless you want to send the EP into a firing frenzy.  They had 2 hours of sleep last night and this is their fuel.


6) Don't Ask for an Autograph from the Talent

Don't Ask on Set

Don't be that guy/girl.  They've got shit to focus on and so do you.


7) Don't Touch Equipment that Doesn't Belong to Your Department

Don't Touch Equipment on Set

Camera Ops touch Cameras, Electricians touch lights and don't even think about taking the Key Grips' C-Stands!


What other SETiquette rules do you wish crew would recognize? Tell us in the comments below!

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