8 Interview Tips for the TV & Film Industry

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Production Manager - Problem Solver

So we asked our Facebook followers for good interview tips for the TV & Film Industry.  We all know that things are a little different in this line of work, and that includes interview do's and don'ts.  Some of the responses we got were very insightful, while some were flat our hilarious.  Here is our list of useful interview tips... with some not so useful, yet funny tips mixed in!  You never know when the off the wall tips might actually come in handy.

1) Remember that you don't know everything.

Production Manager - Problem Solver

"Fake it 'til you make it" can only take you so far.  Sometimes being humble can take you a long way.  Be honest, be yourself, tell the truth, and remember you don't know everything. Know that these are jobs where there is always something to learn.

2) Stand out from the crowd.

Production Manager - Problem Solver

There's a whole bunch of other people that want that job, make yourself stand out from the other applicants by bringing up your relevant work experience and proving to them that you will be a integral​ part of their TEAM.

3) Make eye contact.  Then wink.

Production Manager - Problem Solver

No, but seriously, don't wink.  Just be sure to make eye contact and stay engaged!

4) Don't sell yourself short

Production Manager - Problem Solver

Remember you're being interviewed because there's a chance they need you.  Be the product they're shopping for - someone who knows what they are doing.  Yes, you need a job.  You also know what you're worth. BE CONFIDENT, but not cocky.

5) Smile.

Production Manager - Problem Solver

It doesn't have to be a perfect smile, but let it be know that you can be a warm and happy person!

6) Familiarize yourself with the production company's previous projects.

Production Manager - Problem Solver

Ever interviewed for a show you've never seen?  It doesn't bode well for you to start off the interview saying "Oh yeah I don't watch TV.  I've never even heard of that show."

7) Zip your fly!

Production Manager - Problem Solver

(this comes directly from employers experience) The interviewer needs to get to know you... but they don't need to know THAT much.

8) Don't wear flip flops.

Production Manager - Problem Solver

Dress for success from head to toe.

What other interview tips can you think of for the industry?  
Or better yet, what weird things have you seen during an interview that totally cost that person the job?  
Comment below!
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