The Most Important Tool on Set is a Fanny Pack

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 Here are a few reasons why a fanny pack is the best thing that will ever happen to you.

(Haters please use your back button. This is a place of worship)


1) So much room for stuff!

Production Manager - Problem Solver

A short list of great things to keep in a fanny pack: hot bricks, gum, a lighter, the call sheet / schedule, an extra cell phone battery, charging cable, eye drops, and whatever other secret items you need.


2) You can do acrobatics​ and everything will stay in place

Production Manager - Problem Solver

Who knows what type of positions you’ll find yourself in on any given day. The beauty of a fanny back is all you have to do is zip that bad boy up and everything will stay in place. Need to walk on your head? No problem, your gum will be right where you left it

3) A great place to clip your walkie

Production Manager - Problem Solver

Just clip your walkie to to the fanny pack waist strap. You won't believe how much easier this makes a 10-2.


4) Hard to lose

Production Manager - Problem Solver

A million things go on during a 12 hour set day and your mind can't keep track of everything. You can set down a backpack and forget where you left it, but your fanny pack will always be on your person and that my FP friend is one less thing to worry about.

5) Perfect for show blacks!

Production Manager - Problem Solver

Fanny packs come in a variety of styles and colors, but if you’re buying one to use on set - make sure it’s black.



6) A great place to hang your set badge

Production Manager - Problem Solver

As long as you grab your FP out the door every day, you’ll remember your set badge. And you don’t have to worry about where you have to dangle it. It’ll always be on your FP!

7) A conversation starter

Production Manager - Problem Solver

Some people use cigarettes to co-mingle on set, but nothing is stronger than the FP bond.


What do you keep in your fanny pack?  Comment below! ​


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