Things You Can't Negotiate On Set

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Production Manager - Problem Solver

Have you found yourself asking "why did I choose this path in life?" while on set? Who could possibly want a life of cold crafty, long wait times, and infuriating coffee orders? It's almost like you struck a deal with the devil on the daily, when really you should be striking deals with the line producer or production manager. Here are things you wish you could negotiate on set or in post, but we're sorry to say, you just can't. 


1) How long it takes for a file to render

Production Manager - Problem Solver

You can get on your knees and beg your Editor all day for faster results, but there is nothing they can do about it. 


2) How long it takes paint to dry on flats

Production Manager - Problem Solver

Everyone in Lighting and Art has tried to reason with the Gods of Paint, but they have been unsuccessful in their negotiations. 


3) The EP's coffee order that is 20 adjectives long

starbucks cup with extremely long order

We double dog dare you to bring them back a simple black coffee instead. 


4) Your call time

Production Manager - Problem Solver

Even if you know the first two hours are going to be waiting around for other departments, you still have to show up when the call sheet says to.
You must obey the call sheet. 


5) Parking restrictions

Production Manager - Problem Solver

Don't fight the law. The law will win. 


6) What's for lunch

Production Manager - Problem Solver

... But maybe Chipolte is better than pizza for the fifth time in a row.

The good news is that you can negotiate how much money you make!
So the next time you're asked what your rate is, check out the 
Staff Me Up Job Negotiator where we have thousands of rates listed.

Comment below and tell us about your non-negotiables!



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