How To Stay Cool On Set

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dog laying in ice cubes

How To Stay Cool On Set

It's the summer, which means more work and more hot days on set (not to mention this year all over the country temps are going to venture into record breaking highs). The combination of show blacks, over heated studios that need the air turned off for sound, and exhausting days can really do a number on you. Here are a few tips we have to beat that heat and keep your cool. 


Show Blacks? Ditch the Cotton.

addams family

Get some moisture wicking blacks. REI has a lot of options for you.


Make good friends with crafty

grinch stealing ice cubes

Get in on that ice cube supply


Wear some Coolware

man wearing fan contraption

Look. We don't know what it is. We do know that yes it looks silly. But if it works, who cares?


Hanging out in the grip truck all day?

home made a/c

Make your own AC. Check out instructions here.


Have control and a flexible schedule?

1950s tropical pool scene

Maybe move those pool scenes to align with the heatwave


Always have h2o handy

a man and a woman drinking out of giant water bottles

Get a cool water bottle belt. Paired with your Coolware, you'll be the coolest person on set.


Be prepared.


Panic only makes your body temperature rise. Reduce panic by being on top of your game.  

.... Which reminds us. Don't show up to set hungover

hungover jack nicholson eatting a watermelon

In addition to not being on top of your game, you'll need way more water and will set yourself up for a possible bad case of dehydration.


Get a fan. Live in front of it.

a dog in front of a fan

The breeze cools the air around you and feels so, so good. Get one here.


... Or since you already live in front of your phone, get one of these

Production Manager - Problem Solver

This guy plugs into your phone and cools you down. Get one here and jump into the future.


Put yourself on the frontline of body cooling technology

Production Manager - Problem Solver

Trust us, no one is going to be laughing at you when you're the only one not dying of a heat stroke. 
Stock up here.

Slip a cooling towel over your camera or under your hat

Production Manager - Problem Solver

The reviews are great, so we trust that they work. Grab a few for your fanny pack here.

And remember - no matter how hot you are - don't do this with the EPs Diet Coke

fancy diet coke

Unless the temps are going to be really hot the next day and you are looking to get fired.



How Do You Keep Cool On Set? Tell us in the comments below!

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