Countries Leading the Movie Industry

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Outside of Hollywood there is a whole world of amazing films for you to watch!   

We've all heard the criticisms: Hollywood can't make anything original. Instead of spinning the wheels and remaking films that were originally produced 20 years ago, other countries are making unique and wonderful content all over the world. We found the top 4 countries that are leading the game and found some of the top hits that you should watch this weekend. 

Nollywood (Nigeria)

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Nollywood is producing more films than Hollywood every year, and is worth over 3.3 billion. If that’s not impressive enough for you, Nollywood is very young and started in 1992 with an electronic salesman making a movie for just 12,000. We encourage you to read more about this rapidly growing industry here.

Nollywood films to check out: Mr & Mrs, The Figurine, October 1st.

Fun fact: Of the industry’s $3 billion, less than 1 percent was from official ticket sales. 
The rest came from pirated reproductions sold by unauthorized vendors.

Bollywood (India)

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Starting out at the same time as America cinema (the creaters of the camera brought it to India in 1896), Bollywood was already producing many films by the late 1910s. Today Bollywood is still making headlines for creating equality in the industry and fighting censorship. The Bollywood as we know it today has evolved since the 70s in the form of Masala films, which have the intent to create joy and forget misery. Check out more of the history here. 

Bollywood films to check out: Rab Na Bana Di Jodi, 3 Idiots, and My Name Is Khan.

Fun fact: The B in Bollywood is from Bombay (now Mumbai)


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North of Beijing is the world’s largest sound stage, which shouldn’t be too surprising given the amount of space the country has. This paired with the fact that they only allow 34 international films to be released in the country each year, studios have started co-financing films in China (Dreamworks, Universal) to get around that law and into the profits of hitting that Chinese box office. Read more about how this will lead to a Chinese-American film fusion here.

Chinese films to check out: Red Cliff, To Live, and Farewell My Concubine

Fun fact:  Because of the 34 imported films limit, China had to wait until January to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens 

South Korea

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In 1999 a South Korean produced film, Shiri, was so wildly popular that South Korea mandated that at least 40% of its films shown be domestically produced. The result? Deeply historical films, romance flicks and slapstick comedies that draw in over 50% of the national box office revenue.  Read more about the unique history of the South Korean film industry here. 

South Korean films to check out: Shiri, Miracle in Cell Number 7, and J.S.A.

Fun fact: At the end of the Korean War, in an effort to revitalize the almost inexistent filmmaking industry, the President decided to exempt it from taxation.The number of films produced rose quickly, and went from 5 in 1950, to 111 in 1959.
Which country is your favorite to work out of?  Or better yet, what production savvy country would you move to in a heartbeat?  Comment below!
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