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    After receiving a work alert for my area, I was able to get my application in instantly. I was hired for the gig 2 hours later. Kendall Whelpton Director of Photography
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    Staff Me Up has more jobs in television and broadcasting production than any other job website I've subscribed to. I love that it is specialized to this field -- other job sites just don't understand the nuances in production. Chanelle Yarber Producer
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    Has Staff Me Up been great for my career? Heck, yes it has! I decided to pay for a year subscription and was called the next day for a job that I applied for, which meant that in that one day of work, my subscription was paid in full. I have 11 additional credits thanks to SMU and more to add. I think the best feature is being able to see when a job poster has reviewed your application. I love SMU. Alexia Porto Production Assistant
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    Staff Me Up has been evolving into the best online service I have found as a freelancer in over 15 years of working in the industry. Being somewhat off the beaten path, near Pittsburgh, PA, I find there are many quality jobs posted on the site in my region that I can apply to. The work alerts are clean and easy to use, and I can filter jobs in a way that works for me. I have been booking at least a job a month through Staff Me Up. Daniel McMullen Director of Photography

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We gather all of your applicants in one beautiful dashboard, where our powerful Match Meter helps you identify the best candidates in seconds. Our algorithm measures the right experience and the strongest connection to you and your company – that’s how we identify the perfect match for each job.

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With one click, create “Favorite” lists of people who have worked for your company before, or create lists of new prospects. Members of your Company Team can use these lists to instantly check availability, or to invite your favorite people to apply to your company’s jobs.

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Hire Better, Together

Collaborate with other decision-makers at the same company (or on the same production) to rank candidates, share comments as a group, and check references.

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Proof It Works for Employers

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    Nothing better than going through resumes of people you know are available for a position. This is why I love this site. You post, and literally within minutes, I have resumes of people who are available for work right now! Ed Horwitz EVP, LMNO
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    I've used Staff Me Up to hire talented, reliable crew members for productions in 40 different states. The site is like having a coordinator with a nearly inexhaustible rolodex. John Hansen AMS Pictures
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    Staff Me Up's reputation as the place to go for non-scripted jobs makes sourcing the best candidates easy! The site is very responsive and I'm able to at-a-glance see a candidates entire experience which really speeds up the process. Matthew Deucey Pilgrim
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    I can't remember the last person I hired where I didn't first go to Staff Me Up. The filters make it so easy: just today I needed a Production Manager, so I looked through who was marked "Available" and also had at least eight PM credits, and hired someone 20 minutes later. I'm not sure how line producers ever got along without it. Carrie Riley-Paul Painless Television
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