The World's BIGGEST Production Job Network
The World's Biggest Production Network

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We post more than 250 original jobs per week, and every single one has been posted directly on our site. We NEVER scrape jobs off of other sites.


Instant Work Alerts

Never miss a job opportunity! We notify you the moment that we post any job that you want, so that you can be one of the first to apply.


Job Application Tracker

Track all of the jobs to which you've applied, find out if your application has been reviewed, and if you are being actively considered for the gig.


Cover Letter Library

Create an unlimited number of cover letters so that all of your favorite pitches about why you're perfect for the job are ready to send.

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Build Your Own Production Network

Connect to all of the people you’ve ever worked with, and leverage that power when employers are looking for references and recommendations.


The Power of Social

50+ Facebook/Twitter pages (one for each major U.S. city or state) to keep you notified of new jobs. No matter where you are, we've got you covered!


A Professional and Interactive Profile

Your interactive profile connects you everyone you’ve worked with, and a custom URL lets you easily share your profile with anyone.

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Posting Jobs is 100% Free

We don't think that you should spend hundreds of dollars to post a job and find qualified candidates.


We GUARANTEE you'll find someone great in 24 hours.

We know that when you need to hire someone, you often need them to start today (or, if you're lucky, tomorrow). We've solved that problem. Guaranteed.


Our Job Applicant Dashboard makes hiring fast and easy!

The days of double-clicking attachments in your inbox are over. See one list of all applicants, with powerful filters that identify the best ones in seconds.


We show you how you're connected to each applicant.

We help you leverage your network to find references that you can trust


200,000 members receive work alerts in all 50 states.

Whether you need to find a mixer in the middle of Idaho or crew up a whole production in New York, we've got you covered. Fast.

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Search for the Right Person with the Right Experience.

Find contact information for anyone, from any show, who worked in any position. Our database is huge and up to date.


30,000 jobs posted so far is proof that it works.

We started as Realitystaff and Production Notices, and we joined forces to make Staff Me Up the world's best site for production hiring.

"I've had 2 great gigs from Staff Me Up, which have led to other gigs! I sincerely appreciate the website and think it's awesome!"
-Christine Fitzpatrick
"Staff Me Up has more jobs in production than any other site I've subscribed to. I love that it is specialized to this field -- other job sites don't understand the nuances in production."
-Chanelle Yarber
"I love having a page I can link to that includes all my past projects and jobs." -Ghazal Sheei
"Staff Me Up is truly the easiest, most efficient way to apply for production jobs throughout the country."
-Marcelo Dietrich
"I love having a page I can link to that includes all my past projects and jobs."
-Carla Englof
"As a show runner looking to staff productions from field to post, I find your service invaluable, especially when staffing reality TV projects. Looking forward to even more in the future."
-Kevin Whelan
"It was easy to view resumes of applicants that applied and my email inbox was NEVER inundated with resumes! Thanks SMU!"
-Damon Zwicker
"Staff Me Up is like having my own HR dept. Within an hour or two, I have multiple qualified candidates ready to call."
-Clay McKenzie