The Keys to Success with "Action!"

Your Rank = Experience + Connection to the Job Poster
Since you are an "Action!" subscriber, we'd like to fill you in on how our Match Meter works, so that you can make sure that you are giving yourself the best shot at getting hired.

Your Rank for EACH job on the site is powered by our proprietary "Match Meter."

We weigh over a dozen factors for each job that you apply to, to help determine how qualified YOU are for that specific job and how connected you are to that job poster.

When you apply to jobs, your Rank will CHANGE depending on who else has applied to the job. So you might be towards the top of the list when you apply... but that may change as more people apply. So it's worth checking your Job Application Tracker regularly to see if your Rank has changed as more people apply... and to think about using a Power Boost if you want to highlight your application.
How Can I Improve My "Rank"?
The best way to maintain your best possible Rank is to keep your credits and your availability up-to-date on your Profile.

Also, we recommend connecting your account to Linked In or Facebook: this increases your Rank when someone in your social network is reviewing applicants or searching for people to hire.
Social Connect to Build Rank
How a Power Boost Works
See a job that you REALLY want? As an "Action!" plan subscriber, TWICE A MONTH you can move your application to the TOP of the list of applicants.

Some subscribers have asked us why “Action” plans only include 2 Power Boost per month. We do this to ensure that a Power Boost is SPECIAL. If everyone could do it any time, without limit, it would be meaningless -- the “top” of the list would be filled with dozens of Power Boosted applications... which would defeat the purpose of using a Power Boost to really stand out.
What's the BEST Way to Use Them?
Based on the statistics we've been tracking since we launched this plan a few months ago, we have some tips for getting the most out of your Power Boosts:

1) You should have at least ONE CREDIT that matches the position that you're applying to. (At the very least, you should have credits in similar positions if not that exact one). If you have no relevant experience at all, you're unlikely to be considered for the job, even with a Power Boost.

2) If you rank somewhere in the the middle -- let's say, #25 or #35 out of 100+ applicants), that might be a good time to try a Power Boost: the fact that you are already in the middle means that the employer will see that you are qualified for the job if you boost yourself to the top... so the Power Boost might make the difference in getting noticed. But if you're already at the top, don't waste a boost!!

Good luck and we always welcome your feedback, just contact us any time!
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