Filmmaker based out of DFW. Hardworking, creative, adaptable.


9/19 – Current

Cinematographer Austin and Christi

Events and Web — Film (Short) — Ricktown Media Details
9/19 – Current

Filming a down syndrome couple throughout their day and giving a speech in front of peers. Documentary.

12/20 – 12/20

First Assistant Camera Miss Juneteenth

Film (Feature-length) — Sailor Bear Details
12/20 – 12/20

Keeping Arri Alexa mini in top shape, managing 2nd Assistant Camera and 2 Camera PAs, pulling focus, helping DP have achieve his vision, and communicating with 1st AD camera departments capabilities and working within the schedule.

10/19 – 12/19

Director (Producer as well) Lifesavers Foundation

--- — Digital — Lifesavers Foundation Details
10/19 – 12/19

Directed and Produced an overview and future projections video for a mobile medical unit that serves Dallas County for their fundraising event in Fall 2019.

9/19 – 9/19


Social Media — Advertising — Ford Films Details
9/19 – 9/19

Filming and lighting police officers in City of Hursts facilities to show their day to day for a recruitment video.

7/19 – 8/19

Second Assistant Camera (Occasionally First Assistant) Miss Juneteenth

Film (Feature-length) — Sailor Bear Details
7/19 – 8/19

Making sure Arri Alexa Mini had proper settings for every shot, changing filters, lens, batteries. All card management with DIT. Clapper. Occasionally pulling focus. Setting up camera on fisher dolly. Equipment organization for all of camera department. Keeping the DP happy, nay even elated.

7/19 – 7/19

Cinematographer (Red Epic, Sony A7sii, Multicam Shoot) Abuse Prevention Systems (Educational Video)

Corporate — Digital — Lightfellow Details
7/19 – 7/19

Operating Red Epic and A7s ii. Matching a shot between those two cameras and an Ursa Mini of a subject speaking for four hours.

7/19 – 7/19

Producer (Off Site Producer) Sendero Third Quarterly

In House — Live/Special Event — Sendero Consulting Services Details
7/19 – 7/19

Co-ordinated between videographer and company for getting coverage of select parts of event. Selected and provided equipment.

6/19 – 7/19

Assistant Camera (Red Dragon (two))

Advertising — Double A Pictures Details
6/19 – 7/19

Was the only Assistant Camera for two Red Dragons on an out of town gig so I managed all things with them from checking parts when they arrived in the mail, to building them, making sure they were running on set, and making sure they had all parts when we returned them. Made sure the two cam ops had everything they needed.


  • Orange Theory Commercial - Director of Photography

  • MAMFW Tuesday Evenings Lectures - Director, DP, Editor


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School of Life Experience

My Gear

  • Full Assistant Camera Kit
  • A7s ii Camera Package


  • Editing
  • Cinematography
  • Camera Operating
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Teamwork
  • assistant directing
  • professional
  • Camera Assistance
  • Working Hard
  • colorgrading
  • Live Camera Operation
  • Learning on the Fly
  • Being Attentive